Whether you want to follow your healthy living lifestyle, start a business or just enjoy good wine...S&C is for you!
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It's Not Just Wine...It's Clean Crafted:

Our wines go through laboratory testing to ensure that they meet our standards. The wines are tested to ensure they are free of synthetic pesticides and chemical additives. With ZERO added sugar and ZERO added preservatives, you simply can't go wrong. 

All our wines will have fewer than 100ppm (parts per million) of total sulfites where you typically see over 250ppm in the wine you are currently purchasing. Most wines are Keto-Friendly and Vegan. 

Now that's what I call good wine! 

Start Your Business Sharing Wine:

If you love the thought of hosting wine tastings, sharing good wine or simply want to start a business, then Scout and Cellar is for you! 

If you or your family and friends are planning on drinking wine, why not drink the good stuff and make an extra income? You can put as much time into your business as you want. 

The opportunity to grow a business by simply sharing the beauty of wine and educating others on what Clean-Crafted really means is SO rewarding.  

Live Your Best Life:

Let's be real... most of us thrive off of social gatherings but also love to make healthy choices when it comes to our lifestyle. S&C gives you both! 

Gathering together with others to taste incredible wine is such a fun time and not putting all those yucky additives into your system while doing so is even better. 

Many customers who have suffered with joint pain, headaches, brain fog or hangovers don't experience this when drinking our wine. Pretty incredible right? Take a moment to learn about our founder, Sarah, story.  

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